When it comes to salad – historically I have not experimented that much beyond the old ice berg, cucumber and tomato number. But with so many fresh veggies out there I decided it was time to experiment. The other day I decided to make the most out of the fresh […]

Cobb Salad Recipe

Mac n Cheese (4)
It has been a lazy week and I reallllllly need to do some grocery shopping. Yet I still managed to pull this dish out of the dregs of the kitchen – thank god for pesto right! Anyway I whipped up a little zoodle dish – with a sausage left over […]

Sausage Zucchini Pasta with Tomato Pesto Recipe

Gluten Free Love Cakes Heres a cute little twist on an everyday cup cake… These gluten free vanilla love cakes are my solution to valentines day dessert. They look great, taste amazing, and the best thing is you can decorate them with love What You Need For Gluten Free Cup […]

Gluten Free Valentines Day Cup Cakes

I woke up pretty hungry this morning… Sadly I have not done groceries in so I decided to whip a little smoothie bowl.  I have some major food envy while out at a cafe last week with some friends who ordered one, and thought – I can make that… and […]

Green Berry Smoothie Bowl

Mac n Cheese
It’s a long weekend here in New Zealand and due to some poor planning on my part I was at a loose end this weekend. I thought a friend was here from out of town, but turns out she is not here until Monday. So what better to do on […]

Paleo Mac n Cheese

Bulletproof Coffee Recipe (1)
When I first heard about the prospect of putting butter and coconut oil in my coffee, I must say I was intrigued.  So I thought I would throw a post together on my take on the bulletproof coffee recipe in case you were wondering what it was all about. As you […]

Bulletproof Coffee Recipe – Why I put butter in ...

There is nothing worse then going to toast yourself a piece of bread, and finding your loaf is growing legs its so mouldy… and you usually only bought it a few days ago. After being gluten free for the last 8 years I have come up with a few cooking […]

Money Saving Tip – Freeze your gluten free bread in ...

Here is a delicious gluten free banana bread recipe from my friend nick. Perfect if you have some gnarley looking bananas in your fruit bowl at home. Banana Tips: Sometimes I like to throw the bananas into the freezer and pull them out when I have the urge to bake […]

Gluten Free Banana Bread Recipe

The generous team at contacted me this week to ask me if I could trial one of their new Gluten Free Gourmet Gluten Free Meal Plan Boxes… And who am I to turn down a free lunch (or six). So Monday lunch time the courier arrived and I found […]

Woop Woop! Gluten Free Meal Plan Delivery Service [video]

Have you ever sat down and calculated how much you spend on snacks and treats a week? A can of coke or a chocolate bar when you hit the 3:00 pm slump $2 A mid morning smoothie because you can ($8) That extra coffee for $5 at 10:30 am because your […]

How much do you spend on snacks a month? [Video]

You have probably heard me talking about the probiotic supplement I have been trying out to support the good bugs in my gut. It seemed like for about 2 years I was ALWAYS on antibiotics for skin infections, utis (sorry for the over share) and various bugs. The trouble is […]

Prescript Assist Gluten Free Dairy Free Paleo Probiotics

So I am sitting at my laptop revived and refreshed after 8 days of sipping on coconut water, Starbucks coconut milk coffees and eating my own body weight in macadamias and I wanted to throw together a little review of my experiences in Honolulu Hawaii. To be honest I have […]

My Gluten Free Adventure To Waikiki Honolulu

I have seen a few of these gluten intolerance supplements popping up on line so I thought I would write a quick most about “Gluten Relief” a nutritional supplement that supports digestion of gluten and dairy. Now while I would never suggest that a celiac person should even ingest gluten, I think […]

Gluten Relief Supplement supports digestion of gluten and dairy. 

Hi, has anyone come across the ingredient ‘expandex’ here in NZ? I’ve seen it in Carol Fenster’s ‘1000 Gluten free Recipes’. Thanks for any suggestions. Liz

Q: Expandex

Q by sandiip kapur (delhi,india): Does cadbury diary milk and five star chocolate contains gluten? Also want to know if black label whisky and other scotch gluten free. A: Apr 09, 2013 Does Cadbury dairy milk and scotch contain gluten by: Anonymous Dairy milk chocolate is gluten free, don’t know […]

Q: Does Cadbury Diary Milk and Five Star Chocolate Contains ...