So I am sitting at my laptop revived and refreshed after 8 days of sipping on coconut water, Starbucks coconut milk coffees and eating my own body weight in macadamias and I wanted to throw together a little review of my experiences in Honolulu Hawaii. To be honest I have […]

My Gluten Free Adventure To Waikiki Honolulu

I have seen a few of these gluten intolerance supplements popping up on line so I thought I would write a quick most about “Gluten Relief” a nutritional supplement that supports digestion of gluten and dairy. Now while I would never suggest that a celiac person should even ingest gluten, I think […]

Gluten Relief Supplement supports digestion of gluten and dairy. 

Hi, has anyone come across the ingredient ‘expandex’ here in NZ? I’ve seen it in Carol Fenster’s ‘1000 Gluten free Recipes’. Thanks for any suggestions. Liz

Q: Expandex

Q by sandiip kapur (delhi,india): Does cadbury diary milk and five star chocolate contains gluten? Also want to know if black label whisky and other scotch gluten free. A: Apr 09, 2013 Does Cadbury dairy milk and scotch contain gluten by: Anonymous Dairy milk chocolate is gluten free, don’t know […]

Q: Does Cadbury Diary Milk and Five Star Chocolate Contains ...

  Test for Gluten Intolerance in the comfort of your own home. Bio Revive have made an at home Gluten Intolerance test which takes a finger prick blood sample and in 5 minutes returns a positive or negative result to gluten intolerance. It works by Measuring IgA Antibodies in your […]

Test Gluten Intolerance

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May 09, 2010 Ice Cream by: Sylvia If you look up the Manufactured Foods Database they list various flavoured ice creams by Movenpick and Talleys as being GF, but apart from Cookies and Cream flavoured or something with an obvious wheat derivative I think most ice cream manufactured in NZ is […]

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Gluten Free Platter Recipe. Want something light for lunch? Have lunch that bites back, I like to have that fresh crunchy taste in my platters, so here is one I prepared the other day. Ingredients: Gluten Free Relish (Anathoth Chow Chow or Sweet Corn) Gluten Free Jelly ( Barkers Chilli […]

Gluten Free Platter Recipe

  Ever find yourself asking “How do I find out if my medication is gluten free?”. There are so many things we do in life without questioning, but I guess now that we found out we are allergic to gluten, it makes us asks question on a daily basis. And […]

Gluten Free Medication: Be Safe And Think Ahead!

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  FINALLY GLUTEN FREE RED LICORICE… I have had a craving for red licorice for around 3 years.. I was stoked when surfing the net to find an American store selling gf candy online and exporting it to new zealand. Cherry flavoured red licorice – Delicious.

Gluten Free Snack of The Day: Candy tree red rope ...

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Q by Jeanette (Christchurch): Tricho sensitive shampoo by De Lorenzo. This product does not have laureth sulphate in it (I was told that this is what causes the problem, it is a wheat protein). I have been using the shampoo and conditioner for about 3 months now but I am starting […]

Q: Gluten Free Shampoo, Conditioner and Skin Problems

I picked up a KFC mailer the other day, and since then fried chicken has been on my mind. I have dabbled with Crumbed and fried chicken in the past and decided to make a crumbed chicken instead of fries to cut down on calories… I am secretly happy my […]

Paleo Chicken Nuggets Recipe

Prepare for a rant ahead! I hate eczema! Eczema as a child It really takes a toll on my body and mind and it all comes down to food! I struggled with eczema and allergies as a child and the doctor took me off dairy products which seemed to help. […]

Living with Eczema Caused by Food Allergies

Q: Hi am looking for a wheat/gluten free alternative to Complan for my pregnant teenage daughter. And any other helpful suggestions. Regards Bernadette A: Jan 22, 2011 complan gf? by: Anonymous I thought Vanilla complan is gluten free? Am I wrong or is it just that you prefer an alternative Jan […]

Q: Wheat Free Drinks

  Q by Arlene (Paytree, Idaho USA): Is Kiwi Shampoo and Conditioner Gluten Free? Hi Arlene – New Zealand Shampoos are similar to American ones, you will find a range of different ingredients in them. There is one NZ brand that does a gluten free shampoo and conditioner, its “ugly […]

Q: Gluten Free Shampoo and Conditioner New Zealand?

  Q by Charlotte Bennett (Rocky Point, NC): Since I have been on a gluten free diet, I am having a constipation problem. I have never been bothered with this problem before, and nothing I seen to do helps. What do I need to add to my diet. I am […]

Q: Constipation and Gluten Free Diet