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+-*I have never been the biggest fan of chinese food (from the take away shop), it was always a bit to gluggy and heavy for me and I think the gluten always made me feel ill. But one thing I really miss is dumplings. There was something about the succulent […]

Paperless Dumpling Meatballs Recipe   Recently updated !

+-*Ingredients A packet of Asian home gourmet Laska paste 2 cups of chicken stock 1 mini can of coconut cream 2 zucchinis Dumpling meatballs 1 cup of water 2 tablespoons of coconut oil What to do Cook the spice paste off in the oil for 3 minutes. Add the chicken […]

Laska with Gluten Free Dumplings and Zoodles   Recently updated !

+-*I drive past this place a few times a week and I had been wanting to go in for a while. There always seemed to be happy people eating epic meals outside in the sun and I have a soft spot for soul food and pulled pork. Since my sister […]

Hog Heaven Cafe

+-*Allergies to gluten may put you off flour, but you don’t have to let allergies stop you from enjoying them. There are a variety of alternative flours out there to help you stay gluten free, and still indulge your taste buds. Not sure where to start with gluten free products? […]

Getting the Most Out Of Gluten Free Flours

+-*Q Submitted by ninja (Auckland): Is regular chocolate gluten free? ie chocolate coverture. ? A: GFK Hi Ninja – it really depends on each brand, the type of chocolate, where its processed, there is no hard and fast rule. I like to use whittakers dark chocolate (i am also dairy free) is is […]

Q: Is Chocolate Gluten Free?

+-*Q: Need To Know What To Order, Gluten Free Takeaways Are Available!  You can submit, comment on or rate Gluten Free Takeaways In New Zealand. Simply Fill in the form Below To add your review, or scroll to the bottom to read, rate and review others.’ Q: Tell Us Where […]

Q: Where Can I Find The Best Gluten Free ...

+-*Recipe by Corey (Auckland, NZ) Base: 80g butter ¡V melted 2/3 cup brown sugar 2/3 cup coconut 2/3 cup gluten free flour 1 teaspoon baking powder Here I also add 1/3 cup cocoa to make a nice chocolatey base Preheat oven to 170„aC. Grease a 20cm square baking tin. Combine all […]

Gluten Free Recipe – The Best Chocolate Caramel Slice

+-*Buy Gluten Free Beer. Looking to buy gluten free beer? There are a number of gluten free beers available internationally under different brand names. Here in New Zealand we have Scott’s Brewing Company, O’Briens Which can also be found in Australia. Gluten Intolerance has become to prominent that there are […]

Want to Buy Gluten Free Beer? We Have The Solution

+-*Q: Do i need to be concerned about gluten in partaking of the Lord’s Supper unleavened bread? Once a week a small piece 1/2″x1/2″. A: Feb 02, 2010 Gluten free wafers by: Family full of allergies! Oh gosh, that came out wrong, and confusing — the wafers are rice. They are gluten, […]

Q: Is Unleavened Bread Gluten free?

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+-*Q: Hello, My 3 year old son is gluten free and I really do not want him to miss out on easter. Is chocolate gluten free? If so which ones? And are there some yummy easter eggs for him to enjoy? Yes You will find plenty of gluten free easter eggs. […]

Q: Are Easter Eggs Gluten Free?

+-*The ingredients can be added for as many rissole’s as you need… You need to make sure they are not to runny so use gluten free bread crumbs to bind. This recipe is great on the bbq, cooked in a pan or in the oven. I like to make up […]

Gluten Free Beef Rissoles Recipe

+-*You might have noticed on the facebook page I mentioned I was growing a tired of eggs for breakfast. When I am trying to drop weight after a weekend of indulgence or a holiday I usually default to a couple of hard boiled eggs for breakfast as a way to […]

Spiced Chia Pudding Recipe

+-*Q: by Carol (Maryland): Is soy gluten-free? Soy sauce evidently has wheat in its ingredients, but what about soy itself? A by Gluten Free Kiwi: Hi Carol, Soy itself is gluten free, wheat thickener is added to soy sauce that is how it gets into so many asian sauces like soy, tereyaki […]

Q: Is Soy Gluten Free?

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+-*Q by Claire  (Tauranga): Hi does anybody know if macdonalds icecreams and ice cream sundaes are gluten free or their fries?? thanks A: Jun 10, 2011 Look on their website! by: Anonymous If you go to and then down the bottom it says “our food” click that. Then press “nutrition” and you can […]

Q: Is MCDONALDS gluten free?

+-*Q by Liz  (Calgary, Alberta, Canada): With Christmas coming, many people hand out candy canes at stores, parties, and school. My daughter and I have Celiac disease and my daughter really wants one. I feel bad saying no, but I’m not sure, especially if they don’t have ingredients with them. Do […]

Q: Are Candy Canes Gluten Free?