Additives Containing Gluten: Ever Wondered What all The Numbers In Your Food Mean?

Sometimes staring at the back of a food packets makes me think back to the days of 4th form science, learning the table of elements.

It seems strange that our food has been replaced with numbers and we need a table to figure out exactly what we are eating.

For Gluten Free People we need to know what we are putting in our mouths.




I have complied a list of possible additives containing gluten.

  •  Starch (1400’s range in additives). Many of them are wheat based
  •  HVP – Hydrolised Vegetable Protein
  •  HPP – Hydrolised Plant Protein
  •  Maltodextrin – some are derived from wheat
  •  Malt extract
  •  Vinegar – is it malt vinegar?
  •  Soy sauce – is it wheat based?
  •  Caramel colour- can be a problem for some people.

New Zealand Food Labelling Laws

Now New Zealand laws does state that products have to be labelled if they contain gluten or other allergens, but the level of which something is considered gluten free is less then 20pp, which is not zero tolerance, and could be a issue for supersensitive people.

There can also be and issue if there is gluten is in the ingredients of the ingredients (I know that is a mouthful).

Want to learn more about food additived and ingredients and what to look out for?