Diatomaceous Earth Face Mask [ Recipe ]

If you have been reading about the benefits of taking Diatomaceous Earth (DE) then you will know how great it is for supporting detoxification and the skin. I have been taking this as an oral supplement which you can read about here which inspired me to mess around with turning this clay into a face mask to help with some auto immune ingrown hairs/ spots I seem to keep getting on my chin. I have been worrying about scarring, and these little suckers are incredibly painful, so I was keen to try and clear them up.


  • 1 X Tablespoon Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth.
  • 1 x Tablespoon of Water.
  • Coconut oil. 


Mix a tablespoon of Diatomaceous Earth in with the water into a wet paste. You may need to add more water or Diatomaceous Earth to achieve a consistency you can spread on your face. Rub the slimy clay mixture onto your face, avoiding the area under the eyes (this is very delicate skin). Leave it on for 15 minutes. Then warm some coconut oil in your hands and use it to moisten the Diatomaceous Earth so you can remove it from your skin. Remove the mixture with a soft cloth or micro fibe facecloth and warm water. Moisturise. I love using coconut oil as a night cream. 


This left my skin notably less red and clearer the next day. I noticed my auto immune ingrown hairs as shrunk and seemed to go away over the following days. The Eczema on my neck and hands also seems to have chilled out since I started taking this as a supplement and using it as part of my skincare regime. 

Over to you…

Are you taking DE? Did you try this face mask? I would love to hear how you got on, make sure you drop me a comment below or better yet, snap a photo of you doing some pampering with your DE facemask in it and tag me #gfkiwi so I can see your smiling face.