Diatomaceous Earth Diary – 30 Days Taking DE

My sister put me on to Diatomaceous Earth as a supplement that might help during times of Candida and Food allergies. After ANOTHER bout of painful eczema, auto immune spots on my chin and feeling foggy and gross I decided track some Diatomaceous Earth down in Christchurch and start taking it as a supplement. I wanted to put a bit of a food diary together to walk you through how I take the supplement and how I felt during the process, as I found this really helpful to read during my research. 

What Is Diatomaceous Earth:

It is a form of clay made from fossilized marine phytoplankton (yes just like the stuff whales eat … insert beached as joke here ;P). This is then ground up into a while talc like powder which can be used as a supplement or household cleaning product. It is made up of tiny little sharp diatomes which can shred through the exoskeleton of parasites, worms and the villi that grow over your intestines when you have candida that can mess with nutrient absorption. Allowing you to naturally pass them in your stool. This is a form of silica supplement.

How to take it:

I have read mixed information about taking DE (Diatomaceous Earth) some people say to take it on an empty stomach, and hour before food. While others said to take it after eating food that feeds your candida bugs to help with the inflammation. I have tried both methods.

Start slow. Take 1/2 a teaspoon in water on your first day and build it up to one heap teaspoon over the coming days or weeks. Mix it up in a glass of water, and follow it with a full glass of water to avoid getting backed up.

Watch out for “disaster pants” and if you get an upset tummy, dial it back and let your body get use to it.

Diatomaceous Earth Benefits & Side Effects –

During my research I read about a range of benefits and side effects.  DE is know for supporting weight loss, detoxification, it is also a great natural house hold cleaner. Silica is know as a great product for supporting healthy hair, skin and nails. It can be used as a house hold cleaner on mites, ants, spiders, ticks and bugs.


My DE diary –

This is a work in progress, I will update it as I go.



My first dose was a bit of a bad start, I took a heap tablespoon (too much) in a glass of water, then followed up with another glass of water. Soon after my heart started to feel funny, I felt sort of like I was having a panic attack, all anxious, gross, and like my heart rate had increased (but without the loss of breath and freaking out… so I was not in a hurry to do that again.



Today I didn’t want a repeat of yesterdays side effects, which after some reasearch I realised could well have been a sign of detoxification and die off of all the yuckky candida bugs in my body. Today I took a small level teaspoon of DE in a glass of water, chased with a glass of water, and plenty of water throughout the day.



I was a little worried about how the DE would effect my stomach today, so I did not take it until the evening. I have been told taking to much can lead to “disaster pants” and after feeling a little gassy, I didn’t want to jinx things when I went for a walk up the Rapaki track today. From what I have read people have reported seeing all sorts of grossness in their stool after taking DE. Things are just fine here, I took a level teaspoon in the evening, no disaster pants here.

I also decided to throw on a Diatomaceious earth face mask today, I winged the recipe and it worked a treat, so I would highly recommend giving this stuff a go.


Do I talk about this on my blog… ah well, we all do it. I have been feeling really gassy since I started eating my dirt. From what I have read this is not uncommon, and is probably a sign of the candida die off in my body, as those bad bugs have to come out some how. I have been sporting a bit of a headache (most likely a detox symptom) but it is mild.  That face mask really seems to have cleared up my face ingrown hair pimples and the eczema on my hands. 



The gassyness has subsided and I do not feel as bloated, I still have a slight headache, but feel ok. My skin is looking much better and my nails are growing faster than usual and feel stronger. Loving the dirt! Today I popped a heap teaspoon into my smoothie. I did notice the urge to go to the loo pretty soon after, but still no disaster pants.



I am up to a heap teaspoon again today, but this seems to have angered the tummy gods, so I think I will dial it back tomorrow. I need to remember to drink lots of water, to avoid the dirt from blocking up my bowels. Hair skin and nails are looking great.