Does Rice Have Gluten In It?

doesricehavegluteninitEver wonder if gluten free people can eat rice? When ever I eat out at a friends they usually ask this question. So I wanted to give you the low down on gluten, rice Рand additives.

I have good news – Rice is naturally gluten free.

I under stand why people ask this question

For years (before I was diagnosed with gluten intolerance) I thought I had allergies to rice, always feeling sick after stir fry and Asian dishes. It was until after my diagnosis I realized rice In MOST cases was fine, it was actually the sauces, like soy and packed stir fry sauce that were making me feel nauseous.

Adding Rice To Your Diet:

Now I eat rice frequently, I also replace milk (which I am sensitive to with rice milk). Enjoy rice crackers as rather than to eating crisps and other gluten flavored things. I always check the sushi vingar used at any sushi place before I buy (ordering without soya sauce unless I know its gluten free too).

What rice is NOT okay for a gluten free person?

All rice is NOT gluten free Some rices at the grocery store and possibly chinese restaurants may be “enriched” and the “enrichment ” is applied with a gluten base. It pays to check packets, ring the restaurant before hand to make sure you do not “Gluten” yourself.

It is easy to enjoy rice when you know it is gluten free.

Now I know if I do my research  I can enjoy rice, knowing that it can be gluten free! I love risottos, sushi, brown rice and steamed vegetables.

Gluten free rice can be a perfect option for gluten free people. It pays to check the label, as you do not want to risk cross contamination with any production lines with wheat on them. But other then that rice is a safe bet for those gluten free.

What about sushi?

Check the rice wine vinegar they use is gluten free, and do not use the soya sauce, instead use tamari (which you can find at the supermarket in the gluten free section)

* Always check the packet, if it says it contains gluten do not eat it, watch out for flavored rice!



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