FAKE! toasting gluten out of bread?



I heard today that you can lightly toast normal wheat bread and it will take the gluten out of it. I find this hard to believe but would love it to be true. It comes from a gluten intolerant person who eats normal bread this way and is fine. Has anyone else heard or tried this?



No this is not true!

Dec 05, 2010 Toast versus bread
by: Anonymous

Don’t dismiss this claim. Whilst I accept that gluten still exists in toast, I too can tolerate toast so much better than bread. Has any research been carried out on this? If I eat bread sandwiches I feel shakey and my pulse rate increases to an uncomfortable level but I do not have celiac disease.
May 22, 2009 Toasting your gluten . . .
by: Anonymous

The only absolute way to reduce gluten in bread while toasting is to burn it to a black crisp. Then you’ll have carbon. ha,ha

Charles in Arizona