Gluten Free Nougat Roll

It is official… I am in love with a gluten free bar… Don’t worry I am not going to go out and marry one (like that man who loved his truck so much he married it)… But I think I will make a commitment to stock up my pantry with these for xmas.

This Healtheries Simple Nougat Roll Chocolate Bar would have to be the best gluten free sweet treat I have tasted in some time.

Wheat and Gluten Free, filled with apricot and nougat, it does contain milk and sulphides, but wheat and gluten free is great.

Very chewy it lasted me ages as I chopped it up through the day… although I could have happily scoffed it down. Gluten Free Nougat Rolls and fantastic ***** 5 Stars, I will be buying more!goo