How to make Kumara Toast [ Video Tutorial ]

Kumara Toast (1)Kumara is a type of sweet potato that is a staple in the kiwi diet. It is much sweeter than a normal potato and lends itself to roasts, toast and even noodles. It is a great pantry hack for keeping your gluten free grocery bill down.

The cost of gluten free bread

Gluten free bread can cost $6 – $12 a loaf. This Orange Kumara cost me about 3 and would make 7 or 8 peices of “kumara toast” it also will not go stale as fast. So I am a big fan.

This is my first attempt at making a video so be sure to leave me a comment if you liked it and I will make more (and be gentle with me).

Make sure you scrape off any blackness as its not good for your body. You can minimise the blackness by cutting your kumara in a thin even piece and cooking on more rotations at a lower medium heat instead of a high heat.


Take a kumara and cut into a slice around half a center meter thick.

Cut off the skin and cut it to fit in your toaster without any overhanging pieces so it cooks evenly.

Pop in the toast on the second highest setting.

Toast 3 – 4 Times rotating each time. (I like toasting mine 3 times so the toast has a bit of crunch as it is easier to eat.)

Serve with your favourite spreads.


  • Peanut butter
  • Babaganosh
  • Hummus
  • Avocado and Goats Feta
  • Coconut Yoghurt and Jam

Ok your turn…

Did you try this recipe? Tell me what you thought. I would love to hear from you and know what topping you chose. I went with babaganosh – also great with peanut butter. Was keen to try with coconut yoghurt and rasberry jam.

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Kumara Toast

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