Q: Are Candy Canes Gluten Free?

arecandycainsglutenfreeQ by Liz  (Calgary, Alberta, Canada):

With Christmas coming, many people hand out candy canes at stores, parties, and school. My daughter and I have Celiac disease and my daughter really wants one.

I feel bad saying no, but I’m not sure, especially if they don’t have ingredients with them. Do some candy canes contain gluten, or most/all?

Is there one particular brand that’s GF? I looked at Allan’s Candy Canes the other day and it wasn’t clear. I don’t want to buy them then find out we can’t eat them.

A: Feb 16, 2011 GF Candy Canes by: Anonymous

I have found some candy canes that are GF, and some that definitely contain gluten.
In Candada, the Allan Candy Canes are GF. There are some store brand canes that contain trace of wheat and other allergens. I think it’s the Great Value ones, not sure about the others.
Thanks for all the thoughts & ideas. So, glucose syrup derived from wheat is GF? I’ve been avoiding that. How can it be GF if it’s made from wheat?

A: Feb 16, 2011 Re: Gluten Free Candy Canes by: Anonymous

Hi there all,

The Horners Confectionery Candy Canes are Gluten Free. (can be found in countdown, Pak n Save, New World).

You can also buy the Planet Candy Canes from the Warehouse as they are made by the same people in NZ.

They are also Nut free and vegetarian.

Horners Confectionery products are all made in NZ.

Please have a look at their Facebook page: Horners Confectionery Ltd.

Thank you,

All the best 🙂


A: Dec 13, 2010 glucose syrup by: steve

ive been wondering the same thing, with candy canes being handed out everywhere. it would not matter if the glucose syrup was from wheat or corn, as the wheat derived glucose syrup is gluten free. but ive been trying to find out if there are other glutenous ingredients in them “generally speaking” wheat starch etc is common in confectionary.

A:  Dec 16, 2008 Are Candy Canes Gluten Free. by: Lucy The Gluten Free Kiwi

Hey There,

This is an excellent question – the think that would make candy canes have gluten in them would be glucose – it all depends if this is derived from wheat or corn (it has been my experience that a lot of NZ candy is made with corn, while Australian candy is made from wheat) this is not a rule.

My advice – Always read the labels – or email the company – or ring their customer service line to find out.

I am really glad you brought this up – as its something I may have overlooked.

Thanks Heaps for your Contribution to the website 🙂

Lucy Ross