Q: Are Fish n Chips Shop Chips Gluten Free?

glutenfreefishandchipsQ: Hi, are fish n chip shop Chips gluten free? I know there might be trace amounts of gluten from the batter on other foods but do the actual chips usually have gluten in them? It’s hopeless trying to ask the store owners because they don’t speak English LOL

A: Jan 02, 2011 YES, OUR CHIPS ARE GLUTEN FREE!!! by: Anonymous

My name is Tina and my partner Trevor and I own The Chip Shop, located at 711, Manukau Rd, Royal Oak, Auckland.

In answer to the question of whether chips in Fish n Chip shops are Gluten Free, most takeaways in New Zealand buy in chips either frozen or par-cooked. They are cooked in the same fryer as gluten containing battered and crumbed fish, so cross contamination is a given.

Sadly, far too many people running fish and chips takeaways in this country have no idea what you are talking about most of the time, not just when you ask them questions about Gluten Free!!! 😉

We are one of the very few chippies in NZ that make our own chips…..we buy spuds from farmers, peel and chip them with the help of purpose-built machines. This is a labour intensive, time consuming and sometimes frustrating process, but we’ve done it for the last 6 years because we believe the final product is far superior to bought-in ones.

We realised how unique our home-made chips are when we went to buy a new chipper recently.

Unbelievably, there is NOT A SINGLE NEW CHIPPPER FOR SALE IN NEW ZEALAND! We were told by catering equipment suppliers that there is absolutely ZERO demand for chippers in NZ and therefore there are no stocks and none available! So we had to import one from the UK. If you consider that almost every single suburb in the country has a fish and chips takeaway and almost none of them make their own chips, well…..

We have been making Gluten Free battered fish, sausages (yes, the meat is gluten free, we get them specially made for us) etc for the last five years.

We have a dedicated fryer which we use ONLY for gluten free orders. Since the last three years, we have catered to the Coeliac Society’s annual picnic in the park for Coealiac kids and their families.

Our customers over the years have ranged from those with borderline intolerance to Gluten to those with full blown allergies who would have immediate and severe reactions if they were to ingest any gluten.

We treat each one with the same level of care and attention to detail and in all these years, we have not had a single person complain that their food was contaminated.

We were named the 2009 & ’10 winners for Auckland in the annual “NZ’s Best Chips” competition…..says something for home-made, chunky style healthy chips.

We use only Rice Bran oil, considered one of the healthiest edible oils in the world, for all our cooking and frying.

In Nov 2010, VIVA magazine named us the top takeaway in Auckland for fish and chips.
And guess what? I have a Degree in English Literature and Trevor is a true-blue European Kiwi. So communicating with our customers in English has never been an issue. 😉

Come in and try us, we guarantee you’ll be back for more. To download our Regular or Gluten Free Menus, please go to our website www.thechipshop.co.nz

A: May 25, 2010 Gluten free chip shop by: Glutenfreegourmet

If you are in Auckland, try the fantastic gluten free fish and chips at
The Chip Shop
711 Manukau Rd
Royal Oak
Auckland City
09 625 3833

highly reccommended

May 21, 2010 Chips by: Sylvia

You would have to know what brand of chips they were to know whether there was any coating on them or whether something like maltodextrin or dextrose had been used in the processing of them.

The day my gastroenterologist diagnosed my coeliac disease he told me never to have chips from a fish and chip shop. Its not just a trace of gluten you get from cooking in the same oil as the battered fish. Its as bad as eating any wheat laden cookie, bread or whatever. Stay away, its poison unless they have a separate fryer just for the chips but then you still have to know how they were manufactured in the first place. I been ill for weeks after having chips from Burger Fuel and they only have one crumbed product, not hundreds like a chippie.