Q. Can Gluten Free People Use Wheat Bags?


Here is a quation from Jayne Bradbury (NZ) about wheat bags

Hi there – I have a very random question to ask, but I am unsure on who the right person is to ask so I thought you would probably know. I am wanting to purchase a lavender wheat bag and I have celiacs disease. Do you know if I will suffer a reaction to the bag being the main source is wheat?  I hope you can help!  Thanks, Jane



Gluten Free Kiwi –

Personally I can not. I get welts but I my biggest gluten sensitivity has always been my skin and eczema, more so then the gastro intestinal pyrotechnics. I use either an old fashion hot water bottle and I have also seen electric hot packs that plug in, then unplug and stay warm

Answer – by: Anonymous

Hi, I’m gluten intolerant and I use a rice bag instead of a wheat bag. Just make them the same way but instead of wheat, use dry raw rice.

Answer – by: Dr Armardox

This is the worst thing a gluten intolerant person could do, the wheat is absorbed into the skin through the pores and effects the inductive system, this can cause the immune system to shut down temporeraly and can cause long term stomach blotation, anal blochage such as constipation and hemroids, and can damage the internal system on a permant basis. Wheat intolerant means no wheat. Also any microwaved product should not be put near a human body for 30 minutes after microwaved, emmissiones are exelled to the body, wheat bags should generally be ovened although extreme heat to any part of the body is not advised.
Mar 11, 2011

Wheat bags
by: Docyor simmons

A wheat bag can let the supply of wheat into your system simply through your sweat glands, this can asure you of bloating and used long term can damage internal stomach organs due to immediate damage, this is by far worse for your organs than consuming wheat. Avoid all wheat products, especially wheat bags, even in normal circumstances this sort of microwaved heat is no good for your body, it still containes microwaves 20 minutes after heating. For a ceoliac it could be more harmfull. And deadly.
Dec 17, 2010
Use something besides wheat to fill your “wheat bag”.
by: Anonymous

There is no reason you have to use wheat in a “wheat bag” — that’s just the name that stuck. You can use any grain, really. Fill it with millet or quinoa, flax, rice — all will work. The biggest key though is to never ever get it wet, because any grain will go moldy.

ANSWER Anonymous

This is something I’ve queried myself but I suspect not, as I do remember my Specialist telling me to even sit in a field of wheat, rye, etc would set off reactions of varying effects. I do know I can’t use shampoos with wheat protein in ( burns my scalp) and I always know to check everything used topically as well as orally.

It is always best to err on caution but it sure would be good to use one at times – a hottie isn’t as stable on a bad neck!

Maybe this is a market for some enterprising person – a ‘Non wheat bag for Coeliacs’.