Q: What do you think of Burgen Gluten Free Bread?

gluten free sandwhich

We have a question from Isabella from Dannevirke:

Q. I had heard that Burgen was bringing out a gluten free bread soon, anyone know anything about it?

Gluten Free Kiwi’s Reply:

Hi Isabella, I have tried it and thought it was pretty good when it was toasted. I am not a huge fan of any gluten free bread that’s not toasted, unless it is consumed on the same day that it is made. I find it goes stale fast. I love to freeze it the same day I purchased it in sandwich bags and toast from frozen, for maximum freshness. 

Other Replies

May 20, 2012 Burgen, by: Anonymous – The additives found in it appear to have caused the gluten effect on both of us. We looked up the additives and found onmbm.net.au.health site E466 464 and 412 can cause intestinal problems such as bloating constipation sand diarrhea nausea flatulence and cramps. We have been too many doctors overy the last 7 weeksclearedoffanybacteriainfectionsetc andhavebeen slowly deducting each food we have constantly had.a this been burgen bread for lunch and sometime as toast for breakfast. We eat a healthy diet . Has any one started to have problems and why would burgen put in such amounts of additives to cause symptoms exactly the same a gluten intolerance

Oct 03, 2011 bread, by: Anonymous

I make my own bread. It’s very easy to make, great tasting, with organic ingredients, and NO additives. It keeps well. 


May 08, 2011 Burgen gluten free, by: Anonymous

I love the bread the only thing is I wish it didn’t have soy in it.
Dec 27, 2010 Thumbs down, by: Victoria Jones

FAR FAR too sweet for my taste. Would buy it if the sugar content was drastically reduced (esp the white), otherwise will stick to venerdi or homemade…
Nov 15, 2010 Burgen for me, by: Rosemary Barnes

After years of indifferent and fragile loaves it is a pleasure to eat Burgen gluten free and spicy fruit.

Apr 11, 2010 Gluten-Free Breads – Brooklyn tops, by: Anonymous

Having Coeliacs, I have to buy gluten-free. Until now preferred Pavillion gfbread (white & grain, $6-$6.50/loaf) but was given Brooklyn gf bread to try. It is the BEST ever but only available, as far as I know, from their shop in Wellington at 29 College St. Trying Burgen again & better than I recall. Dovedale is the worst in my opinion, Vernerdi slightly worse than Bergen.
Dec 13, 2009 toxic
by: Anonymous

the new burgen gf bread is more toxic than Chernobyl.it could have been used by sadam as a chemical warfare agent.it tastes ok but it crumbles before you can get it to your mouth.it is also the most expensive gf bread on the market.i have tried it once and will no more. i will stick to DOVEDALE bread.

Dec 12, 2009 Money wasted on poor product. by: Frank Cochrane

Burgen white acceptable, better toasted.  

Poppyseed, tastes terrible but edible just.

Fruit loaf, my kids wouldn’t eat it so I forced my way though a whole slice to prove a point to them, I wouldn’t do it again, shouldn’t be offered for sale, at $8.00 a loaf I can find cheaper things to fill my rubbish bin.

I am not gluten intolerant and I love fruit bread.

It is hard enough find acceptable food for my children to eat, I dont need to be ripped off by suppliers offering great tasting product at horrendous prices which is actually crap.

Bakers dozen in Dunedin have a cheese loaf that is great texture and great taste at $5.00 per loaf. (Real Bread.)
Dec 12, 2009 Great Bread at last !
by: J Davies

This is awesome Bread. thanks for making , such a relief. keep making it please.
Nov 16, 2009 gluten free bread
by: Gail H.

I like the Burgen’s bread toasted, I find it easier to eat,also I love the vernerdi baps. I just wish the makers of Burgen gluten free bread would make the loaves bigger as the slices get lost in the toaster.
Nov 16, 2009gluten free bergen bread
by: lee

Does anyone know how they, or do they, ensure there’s no cross contamination? I felt unwell after eating it and am concerned that their process isn’t strict enough to stop cross contamination.
Nov 05, 2009 Thank you
by: Lynn Coory

Thank you, thank you, thank you, so much for making this commercial bread. My problem is that I cannot tolerate yeast and while ther are many gluten free breads they are not yeast free. This is the best bread I’ve eaten in 25 years. And the first time I have been able to have boiled eggs and soldiers! It is so good going to the shop and buyinb read like everyone else.
Oct 29, 2009 taste and texture
by: Gail H

Congratulations Burgen finally a yummy bread,I have tried your white loaf and the spice bread ,both delicious,thank you so much.
Oct 26, 2009 Burgen gluten free
by: Anonymous

This bread is absolute rubbish. Is very dry and just crumbles to bits.Whoever can develop a good GF loaf deserves the Nobel Prize.

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Try freezing it when you first by it and toasting it from frozen
Oct 24, 2009 Well done Burgen
by: Marlene

I tried the white, and it does actually taste of how i remember bread! it is moist and looks like bread. I say well done to Burgen for breaking in to the gluten free market, if only other companies would do the same, we might actually get some choices in our diets!
Oct 22, 2009 Burgen no !Dovedale yes!!!!
by: Sally

Have tried two of the new Burgen loafs it tates okay but i have to agree with Derek who made prevoius comments about its ingredients…..yes its full of other unhealthy ingredients which I did compare with my favorite brand Dovedale.
Dovedale clearly is the winner for me i will not be tempted at all to change and will stick to my tried and true brand. Dovedale have a new gluten free grain bread which is AWESOME!!!!Its clearly the healthier option for me!!!
Oct 21, 2009 Gluten free yuck
by: Anonymous

I excitedly tried the poppyseed bread, it was awful and more expenxsive than the venerdi which is much much nicer
Oct 19, 2009 Burgen Fruit Bread
by: Hayley

I recently tryed the burgen fruit bread and sadly was disappointed it was tasteless if anyone out there likes fruit bread try the venerdi cinnamon and sweet sultana bread its delicious.
Oct 19, 2009 Let them eat cake
by: Derek

It’s false advertising actually because it is not legally bread. When you look at the ingredients & nutritional analysis it’s more like cake.
Compare it to any of the other Gluten Free breads & the burgen GF range has 300% more fat, 100% more salt, 100% more sugar, 30% more calories & lots of additives that those with allergies might want to avoid.
And it fell apart in the bag the day after I got it home!
Oct 17, 2009 GF Burgen bread
by: Susan Bisson

Interesting to note that the GF burgen bread I bought from my local New World was $7.99 and the next day I bought one from the local (Rangiora) Woolworths for $4.29!
Yes, the Lievito bread is my pick too but it’s a bonus the burgen one is yeast free as well.
Oct 13, 2009 Burgen bread
by: Anonymous

I tried the Burgen bread at the gluten free expo but didnt like it at all.
Really liked the Lievito bread so am looking forward to it being available.
Oct 11, 2009 Definitely try it!!!
by: Anonymous

I tried the Burgen bread and have to say it’s in a league of its own!!! I also tried it in Christchurch at the gluten free fair and it tastes very similar to real bread–my favourite flavours were the linseed and spicy fruit!!! Can’t wait to buy it in the store!
Oct 11, 2009 Yummy
by: Anonymous

I bought some today, the linseed one and the white one… very yummy and moist… yeah finally gluten free bread that doesn’t taste like cardboard.
Oct 06, 2009 GF Burgen bread
by: Susan Bisson

Burgen’s bread is available at all leading retailers from October 12th and is not only gluten & wheat free but also yeast free – yah!
It comes in white, corn & poppyseed, ground linseed and spicy fruit. I sampled some at the Gluten Free Expo in Christchurch and it’s very nice.
Also Lievito Bakery in Dunedin not only won gold for their bread in the GF Section but Bronze in ALL Bread selections. It is the closest to ‘normal’ bread I’ve tasted in a sandwich. They are hoping to have a Christchurch distributor soon but will courier up to 15 kg of their products ( white, mixed seed, savoury, baguette. choc chip biscuits, fruit mince pies, hot cross buns) for $8.20.