Q: Is MCDONALDS gluten free?

Question from Claire  From TaurangaHi does anybody know if Macdonalds ice creams and ice cream sundaes are gluten free or their fries??


I have just taken a look at McDonalds Food Sensitivies sheet and it looks like the Caramle, hot fudge, strawberry and plain sundays are gluten free. It would pay to check, as the ingredients at chain restaurants can change from time to time.

Interestingly the Hot Chocolate, Cappuccino along with Sweet & Sour sauce, Mustard  & BBQ Sauce all gluten. Along with several salad dressings.

The french fries have trace amounts of gluten, from being prepared in a kitchen with gluten containing foods, which means for celiacs, its probably a no go, but for gluten intolerant people without hypersensitivity you may be ok.

I found it really interesting about the sauces containing gluten when I did this research, as I would have to admit, I am guilty of swiping fries and BBQ sauce off friends, when they are munching down on McDonlalds.

I wonder has anyone tried to create their own burger in a lettuce wrap at McDonalds? If the patties are gluten free, and you can choose the gluten free sauces, this seems like a fun way to eat gluten free on the go. (If anyone from Macca’s is reading this, a sponsored post woulg great opportunity to educate gluten free kiwis about creating their own custom burger at Mcdonalds

Over to you… Would you eat McDonalds Fries? Shakes? Or Create your own burger? We would love to hear about your experience.

A: Jun 10, 2011 Look on their website! by: Anonymous

If you go to Mcdonalds.co.nz and then down the bottom it says “our food” click that. Then press “nutrition” and you can download a PDF with food sensitivities As of the 25 May 2011 it says that their chips contain “traces” of gluten. I eat them and I feel fine. It says none of the sundaes contain gluten. I hope that helps.

A: May 09, 2011 FRIES NOT GF by: JennW

Read their ingredients on Fries , McDonalds Fries are basted in Beef flavoring with Wheat – THEY ARE NOT GF! Their ingredients can be found on their website, basically nothing at Mc’D’s is GF except their sodas , ice cream and regular coffee , even then you need to be careful

A:  Apr 23, 2011 Fries questionable by: Anonymous

McDonald’s fries are cooked in cottonseed oil which I believe is not completely GF. The seared chicken is low in gluten so I have the no bun option too. McD’s welcomes you to bring in your own GF bun and will make the burger for you on that. The toasters use teflon and their buns are precut so there are minimal crumbs from standard buns. Hope this helps

A:  Apr 11, 2011 fries by: Kristin

Some people have reactions to their fries and some do not. There is wheat in the oil they use to par fry before shipping, though they claim through the cooking process it does not have gluten in it according to law (which means it could have some–up to 20 parts per million I believe). The link below is a great article about the facts.

A:  Apr 10, 2011 Mcdonalds Fries by: Kathy

Yes their fries are GF they only fry the chips in the oil so that they are GF. as for their Sundays you would have to ask them, they do have all nutritional info on there items at hand. I can eat their meat patties as they are 100% beef, so I order a burger without the bread and eat it a bit like a salad.