Q: Is Soy Gluten Free?

issoygfQ: by Carol (Maryland):

Is soy gluten-free? Soy sauce evidently has wheat in its ingredients, but what about soy itself?

A by Gluten Free Kiwi:

Hi Carol,

Soy itself is gluten free, wheat thickener is added to soy sauce that is how it gets into so many asian sauces like soy, tereyaki etc.

Soy milk (depending on brand) is normally gluten free, as is rice milk.

And a lot of vegetarian products based with soy seem to be ok.

Be sure to always read labels.

A: May 04, 2009 Soy sauce by: Anonymous

Hi, an alternative to soy sauce is Tamari – it’s usually wheat free and organic to boot 🙂 Approx $9 a bottle, but it’s really yummy!

A: Feb 18, 2009 Vitasoy Red Bricks,……GRRRRRRRR by: Sylvia

I am so hot under the collar about the soy milk issue and cafes. I am coeliac and dairy intolerant. This morning I went to three cafes – all stocked the red Vitasoy brick with barley added. I can’t fathom why cafes who stock the odd gluten free item in their cabinets persist in only stocking this brand of poison. I finally walked much farther away to The Coffee Club where I know I can eat gluten free and enjoy a gluten free and dairy free latte. They use Anchor SoyLife.

I am quite convinced we GF/DF people should start a campaign against cafes who only stock Vitasoy red bricks.

However I do have to commend the cafe across from my workplace in Wellington suburbia, AroBake on the Square. They do the red brick for most people, but after I explained my predicament to them they now buy in a bottle of Anchor Soylife just for me, and have special instructions on how to prepare my latte in their communications book. I make sure I go there every day for a latte just to show my support for a business prepared to go the extra mile for me.

I have even noticed in the supermarket some rice milks that have gluten in them. It certainly pays to inspect the labels really carefully.

A:  Feb 17, 2009 Soy Milk is not always gluten-free by: Tania

The only gluten free soy milks are So Good Regular, Nature’s Fresh and Vita Soy Organic – these are marked as gluten free on the packaging.

The other flavours and ranges of soy milk (including So Good and Vita Soy) have either barley or “maltodextrin (wheat or corn derived)” in them.

I’m dairy and gluten intolerant and I hit this all the time in cafes – you do need to ask which soy milk they have behind the counter.


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