Q: Is There Gluten In Cheese?

Is there gluten in cheese or types of cheese? Is there a difference if it’s in its natural form versus its processed form?

Luckily, most cheese does not contain gluten, but we still encourage you to read labels of all packaged or processed cheese before eating it.


Once you’ve checked the label for wheat, barley and rye, you also want to make sure the cheese does not contain ‘wheat starch’ or ‘modified food starch’ made from wheat. 

  • Blue cheese is usually gluten-free. BUT mold cultures of cheese could have been grown on wheat or rye bread, so read the ingredients label carefully. 
  • Brie, Feta, Swiss, Ricotta, Parmesan and Cheddar are gluten-free. 
  • Cottage cheese is usually gluten-free, but some brands may contain wheat starch or modified food starch made from wheat. So again, please check the ingredient list to make sure. 
  • Cream cheese is gluten-free.
  • Grated cheese is usually gluten-free, BUT you need to check the ingredient list to makre sure the manufacturer hasn’t added a gluten-containing starch to prevent cheese from clumping. 

Unfortunately, Dairy-free cheese may not be gluten-free as they can be made with flour – be sure to check the label. 

Foods Containing Cheese

While most cheeses by themselves do not contain gluten, foods that contain cheese as one ingredient may not be gluten-free, so you should always read the label.

  • Cheesecake is not gluten-free (unless specified on the label) because the crust is usually made with wheat flour. Of course, if it’s listed as being a gluten free cheesecake – go for it, and save me a piece!
  • Mac ‘n Cheese. The cheese might be ok, but the Mac will definitely hurt your tummy. 


Answers from our readers:

May 14, 2009 Gluten ain cheese
by: Suzy W

This is a very late reply, as I am new to the site.
My understanding on some types of cheese there is gluten. Some companies dust their cheese in flour to stop the packet from sticking to the cheese.
My husband has eaten cheese with a flour dusting, and has been very ill afterwards.
The best thing to do, is buy greated cheese or phone the cheese maker and ask.
Jan 05, 2009 Hoping for GF cheese
by: Lesley

Gawwd after giving up gluten, starch and sugar (to a degree) I hate the very thought that blue cheese could possibly have gluten. Dairy is all I have left!! COR!
Jan 05, 2009 veined cheeses
by: Anonymous

My understanding is that veined cheeses like bleu cheese has gluten because bread is placed around the cheese blocks to form the veins. I have recently found a local creamery that should be GF bleu cheese. They use grape leaves instead of bread but I haven’t been able to make sure.
Also here in the US some companies use flour in shredded cheese to prevent sticking.
Jan 04, 2009 🙂
by: Anonymous

I highly doubt cheese would hold gluten, one large reason is that the gluten would change the taste also there really wouldnt be any need to put cheese in during the process of making it, cheese has been made for hundreds of years and it forms perfectly without assistance, addidtives would change the taste. i cant be to sure for budget cheeses and really course brands were it taste of plastic, considern what that stuff taste like i couldnt realy say its cheese anyway.

cheese such as tasty and eden and mild should be perfectly fine.