Q: Is there gluten in meat?

isthereglutenin-meatQ by Debs:

Is there gluten in meat like Roast Beef? or for that matter meat that is in its natural state versus processed like a sausage?


Hi Deb,

Meat varies – If you were to take a clean fillet of beef, pork, lamb, fish or chicken it would be gluten free (although there is an argument about what they feed the animal). I usually find mince is fine without flavouring or additives.

You normally get gluten added in the processing of these meats.

Eg – meat patties, rissoles, sausages, anything crumbed usually have gluten so read the label.

Tenderbasted chicken, or certain flavours of chicken also sometimes have trace elements of gluten.

Anything that has been marinated in Soy, Tereyaki, or a gravy can also be a problem due to the gluten content of soy and flour being used to thicken gravy.

The easiest way to get SAFE meat it to:

Read Labels
Buy it plain and add your own flavours
Keep it simple.

I am the queen of roasts – I make a great gravy with red wine, corn flour, the water out of my veges and a little gluten free stock.

Fresh herbs, lemon and garlic also make a great marinade, or timari is a substitute for soy that is gluten free (Check lables)

A: Feb 16, 2010 What about the bones? by: Trevor

I am wondering in addition is there gluten when i make my own chicken broth. I add nothing that isn’t out of a garden and whole pepper corns, and the carcas. There is a natural thickening that occurs. Is that gluten????

A: Jan 04, 2009 by: Anonymous

I agree entirely to all of that

just adding if you do search around in some supermarkets you can get some amazing gluten free sausages,
hellers appear to make gluten free sausages which our family now lives on there absolutely great. and as far as i can tell gluten will not effect and animals feeding habbits, because the body absorbs the nutrients as humans do. it is then pushed through the body as chemicals building the body strong, with the protein and other minerals etc. If this theory was correct technically we should all have gluten in us indefintally as our body do the same natural process.

And you wont get gluten from the stomach lining in meat, it is also cleaned and then stored in coolers which is very hygienic ( we hope hah)