Q: Where Can I Find Gluten Free Oyster Sauce?




Since going GF the thing I miss the most is oyster sauce. Can anyone tell me what brands are GF and where they can be purchased.

Many thanks


Sep 11, 2010, GF Oyster Sauce in Auckland..
by: Karla

Hi All

Has anyone actually brought GF oyster sauce in Auckland??? If so where? I was on a massive hunt last week and couldn’t find any?

Dec 19, 2009, Oyster Sauces
by: Susan

Great to get so many comments for an oyster sauce. As a coeliac, have to be aware that we still have to check ‘modified’ corn starches as to what they are modified with.

Is the Panda oystered flavoured sauce readily available in supermarkets or just certain ones?


Dec 19, 2009, Gluten Free Oyster Sauce
by: Anonymous

Try PANDA BRAND™ Green Label Oyster Flavored Sauce

Ingredients: Water, Sugar, Salt, Oyster Extractives (Oyster, Water, Salt), Modified Corn Starch, Caramel Color.

Note no wheat, and as important in my house, no MSG! It’s very good. I buy a bottle for my local Thai restraunt that they use whenever I go there.
Sep 06, 2009, GF Oyster Sauce
by: Anonymous

A company called Honest Foods sells GF oyster sauce. They say they’ve tested it to be GF. I don’t know where the sauce is made–could be overseas. Here’s the link:

Apr 19, 2009, some success? Oyster Sauce
by: Cathie


There is a brand available in Australia – Changs, but I have not seen it here. I emailed them to find out if they had a NZ supplier but no answer.

Ntolerance website did have a brand Squeeze available but don’t seem to now.

I have been using Exotic brand from some New World supermarkets. The ingredients seem OK and no reactions but we Gluten intolerant not coelaic so I be 100% about the ingredients.

Cheers Cathie

P S there seems to be a good brand Wok Mei available in the states but I haven’t seen it here.

Apr 19, 2009, sauces
by: Lesley

Did anyone find out if there was a GF oyster sauce available – please.
Feb 02, 2009, gluten free oyster sauce
by: Gluten Free Kiwi

This is a hard one as oyster sauce is often made overseas with different labellings requirements.

Things to look out for that could contain gluten that are in oyster sauce are caramel, soya sauce or wheat thickeners.

Check out the Asian section of your supermarket the funky pumpkin has one that I think looked alright but I will have to check the labellings.

Jan 05, 2009, wanting to source Gluten free oyster sauce also.
by: Anonymous

Sorry Cathy, don’t know butI would also appreciate knowing where to find gluten free oyster sauce; just thought if more than one of us wanting to know we may get a quicker response. I certainly will advise if I find out.