Q: Where do I find Xanthan Gum in NZ?


Q by: Rose (Canada)

Hi. How easy is it to find Xanthan Gum in New Zealand for baking GF bread ?
I’m going to be moving to NZ for the summer and I’m wondering if I can find it there or need to bring it with me. Thanks !

A: Mar 25, 2012 Wah Lees Auckland by: Anonymous

Hi we have some at Wah Lees
220 Hobson Street,

Auckland 1010.
ph 0800 924 533

A: Nov 18, 2010 Looking forward to NZ by: Rose

This so much, is very reassuring. I’m really looking forward to my time in your country.

A: Nov 17, 2010 Finding Xanthan Gum In NZ by: Gluten Free Kiwi

Hey, You should have no problem sourcing this product if you are living in a city.

I am based in Christchurch and have seen this at my local supermarkets (in the gluten free section) as well as a few whole food store. What part of NZ are you moving to?

I think you will find NZ to be extremely gluten friendly ( I find eating here a million times easier then when I was in the U.S.A or U.K)

We also have plenty of GF bread brands and even a few gf bakeries