How To Save Time with Shopping List & Meal Planner Printables

CUPCAKE Running my own business I like to use templates and systems to create more time for myself. Basically it means I cut down on time wastage doing tasks I repeat each day, week or month.

I don’t know about you but I HATE doing the grocery shopping, sometimes I feel like it takes hours just to write a list, no to mention getting there, competing against idiots parking their trolley in front of me so I can not get to the things I need, and usually going back to the shops a few days later because I forgot to get eggs.

My productivity hack

I have decided to start using templates this not only at work but at home and I wanted to share with you one of my favourite time hacks to:

  • Cut down on time spent meal planning
  • Speed things up at the grocery store
  • Cut down on food wastage
  • Free up mental space to focus on the things that matter
  • Free up time to exercise during the week

Time saving

I estimate since I started using a meal planning and grocery shopping templates I save myself at least an hour a week or around 4 hours a month. Not to mention less of my food going off in the fridge (which was becoming an expensive problem).

I actually got the idea from meal and food delivery services I had seen online that delivered you everything you needed to make healthy gourmet meals for a couple or a family a week.  And I thought… why can’t I do that for myself.

So what do I do? You ask.

Well I have designed a Shopping List and a Meal Planner so I can plan my meals for the week (and prep them on Sunday where possible).

2The shopping list

Has every thing broken down into the isles of the supermarket meaning I am less likely to forget to put anything in my trolley.

I glide down the isles and have the things on my list in the order I see them, this speeds me up at the supermarket and makes sure I don’t have to revisit any isles. Which means I am much less likely to pop extras into my trolley.

I am always forgetting something, and this can be costly if I don’t remember until I get home, because the food ends up going off because I can not make the meal I had planned.

1The meal planner

I create these and hold onto them, so I can use them again, once I figure out which healthy meals I like, I can use them when things get busy or are in season so I don’t waste hours scouring pinterest looking for inspiration. 

  • Lets you jot down your breakfast, lunch, dinners and snacks for the week.
  • Plan the meals lets you cut down on food wastage.
  • Save time by prepping what you can on a Sunday.

I have been considering making my a printable black and white meal planner and shopping list available for download for a few dollars to help cover the costs of the website. So you could print them out each week, Save previous weeks and free up a few hours each month to spend time with family, friends or doing something more fun then grocery shopping.

So I guess before I make it… I will ask the crowd? Would you like a printable meal planner and shopping list template that would free up four hours a month? How much would you pay? The money would go towards the hosting of the website and keeping things running. Leave me a comment below I would love to connect with you and get your feedback. I really value your input.