The Low Stress Diet – Identifying Your Food Allergies [ With Video ]

The low stress diet is an elimination diet. You dial your food choices back to basics and eat like a caveman or woman for 6 weeks. Then slowly start to add allergen foods back in every 3 days. While keeping a food diary of how they affect you.

Watch the “What is a low stress diet?” video

Put simply, it is a diet to establish if any digestive problems or food intolerances.

My experience with the low-stress diet.

I was put recommended this low-stress diet by a health span pharmacist after discovering I had pretty much every symptom on the list of gluten intolerance. Eczema, Asthma, chronically tired, grumpy, bitchy, itchy, moody, sad, skin infections, stomach ulcers, bloating… and so the list goes on.

I suspected before I went on this diet that I could be sensitive to gluten and dairy, but after being on it for 3 weeks, I felt like a new woman… and realised what big effect food allergies can have on your life!

The elements of the Low Stress diet Program

• Diet – Eat foods that don’t inflame or irritate your body – get back to basics
• Exercise – Sweat out those toxins
• Supplementation – Support your gut with good nutrition while you detox
• Relaxation – Chillout
• Avoid Stimulants – Keep off the coffee and booze
• Identify and Eliminate Allergens – Don’t eat anything you think your allergic to

The Theory behind the Low Stress Diet

You eat a nutrient dense diet:

  • High in nutrient-rich foods and low in processed.
  • That supplies you with the optimal nutrition
  • That promotes well-being, longevity and freedom from disease
  • Which can be therapeutic in disease
  • You drink plenty of water and about 50 nutrients daily
  • You eat 15 different foods/day will provide as many nutrients as possible

So what is a stressed food? What can’t I eat?

A stress food is any food that puts stress or strain on your body. You probably know the usual suspects.

  1. Sugar & especially white sugar products
  2. White flour products
  3. Chemicals: preservatives, additives, artificial flavours, colours & sweeteners, insecticides, herbicides, growth accelerating hormones & Abs – are extensively found in food manufacture
  4. Take away foods/ Junk Food
  5. Caffeine
  6. Chocolate
  7. Alcohol
  8. Remove any foods you suspect you have an allergy too  e.g.: wheat & dairy
  9. Tobacco.

… all of these are on your naughty list for the next 6 weeks.

The Low-Stress Diet – What you can eat and in what ratios.

low stress diet infographic

Put an emphasis is on food that is whole, fresh, unprocessed and often raw.

  • 40-45% Carbohydrates: You want to eat a wide variety of different coloured fruit, vegetables. You can eat them raw, steamed or baked. Try and avoid the white ones and go for a rainbow of colour. I love Green leafy veggies provide you with essential nutrients including Vitamin A, C, Folate & Calcium
  • 30-35% Protein: You want to make sure you are eating protein meat, fish, eggs. Meat provides Vitamin B’s, Iron and Zinc. Fish is filled with essential Fatty acids. 
  • 20-30%  Fat: You need fat to support hormone production and help keep you full. Mono and unsaturated, EFAs found in olive & vegetable oils, avocados and fish. 
  • Liquids: Drink plenty of water or green juices.
  • Supplements: During my elimination diet I took the following supplements: 
    • A high dose vitamin and mineral powder. 
    • A probiotic supplement as digestive support to support the bacteria in my gut which I knew was out of balance due to food allergies.  
    • Omega 3 Fish Oil Capsules for the antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.
    • Some Vitamin B Supplements. 
    • A magnesium supplement. I actually used a magnesium body lotion spray to support detoxification.

You do is eat “real” food that comes out of a packet, leafy greens, loads of colourful vegetables,  You eat meat without sugar-laden sauces and msg that make you hungry. 

This is basically saying eat real foods, in their natural form… if it comes out of a packet – it should be on your naughty list.

What else…

Stay away from stress foods, it is only 6 weeks. This means No tea/coffee, added salt, additives, refined CHOs, steaming and grilling, olive oil when heating food.

It can pay to mix things up so you don’t get bored by varying the meat and veg you eat. Eating a wide variety of coloured vegetables also helps you get good nutrition as different coloured vegetables provide different nutrients.

Sit down and enjoy your meal. Remember to CHEW, breath and make your meal times a pleasurable experience.

What did I eat while I was doing this diet?

I made sure to cut anything out I thought I was allergic to start. I remember eating a lot of meat and vegetables. I would roast up a lamb over the weekend and eat that cold during the week. I would mix things up with some fresh salmon (with the bonus of replenishing my omega 3 levels). and try and change up the colours of my vegetables so I did not get too bored. I made sure I added some supplements to help while I detoxed from sugar, and carbs which can have a morphine-like addiction in your body.  Basically, I lived on Salmon, Lamb, Green veggies, Tree nuts for the first six weeks.

And day 3 of my detox from stress foods was BRUTAL.

What stress foods did I add in slowly?


I added foods I suspected I was allergic to (also known as stress food):

  • One new thing every three days
  • I kept a diary of how my skin, brain and body felt.

These are the foods I personally suspected I had problems with.

  • Raw Fruit – Kiwi, Stone Fruit, Apples
  • Starches – Potatoes, Rice, Corn
  • Eggs
  • Legumes (hummus), Chickpeas and beans
  • Nuts, Seeds.
  • Wholegrains.
  • Various dairy products  (which upset me)
  • Various gluten products (which upset me)
  • Nuts
  • Coffee
  • Flour baked goods (which upset me)

This set the basis for what I eat today.


I am gluten and dairy intolerant, sensitive to oats, rice and anything starchy, I am sensitive to yeast and sugar (candidiasis), but can tolerate it in small amounts as long as I stay away from dairy and gluten. I also have a condition called oral allergy syndrome which is an allergy to birch pollen in fruit and vegetables in their raw form which leaves my face and skin feeling itchy when I consume stone fruit, peel onions, carrots or potatoes, pineapple, kiwi and apples. You can read more about my diagnosis and gluten-free journey here

Have you tried a low stress diet? Do you have questions? Ask them below would love to hear your story.


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