Detox! What to do when you’ve been “Glutened”

We have all been there at some stage… whether it is reaching for those dumplings you know you should not have had. A restaurant poisoning you by mistake, or forgetting to check the label when you reach for a potato chip at a friends house. Whatever the reason you came into contact with gluten, here are my simple tips for detoxing and recovering from the dreaded “glutening” for you to keep in your arsenal. 

I find these are particularly useful when I am travelling. Now, remember, I am not a doctor or a medical professional. I just wanted to give you the things I have found on my gluten-free journey that have helped me recover from coming into contact with gluten.

1 Drink lots of water and fluids.

Water is a great way to flush toxins from the body. Which is exactly what you want to do to help with the inflammation in your body as a result of coming into contact with gluten. 

2. Take it easy.

If gluten is causing an inflammatory response in your body, you need to give it time to rest and recover. I find when I ingest gluten I get dog tired, my joints ache, and my eczema leaves my skin covered and sore. Napping is a great way to rest and let my body deal with this inflammation. Try to go easy on yourself and allow yourself to rest so you can get back to normal. 

after glutening supplements 3. Use Digestive Support. 

There are a number of supplements with digestive enzymes to help you break down and support digestion. These are not a “cure-all” but they can help support your body and digestive system to get back on track. 

I also like to double up on probiotics for a few weeks to help restore balance to my gut and stop the bad bacteria from taking over. 

I like: Clinicians DigestEase with Tolerase sourced from the natural fungus Aspergillus niger which has been scientifically shown to assist in the digestion of gluten. This is additional to five other enzymes which help in the breakdown of the major food groups.

I like: Prescript-Assist Probiotics as they are a soil based (rather than dairy cow based) probiotic with 29 strains of good bugs. They are spore-forming, which means they find it easier to assimilate in the gut, and they help me get my tummy back on track.

4. Tea.

When the gastronomic pyro techniques Ensue after a glutening, peppermint tea can be a great soothing, tummy-taming elixir.  I like to keep on hand. It supports digestion. Depending on how I am feeling I also enjoy some grated ginger in hot water which has anti-inflammatory properties and can support digestion.

5. Eat the right foods. 

Your body is already angry and inflamed, there is no point lumping more pressure on your immune system. Make sure you eat foods that will not trigger an inflammatory response and put stress on your body. Stay away from spicy or rich foods which could leave you feeling ill or upset your tummy further. 

6. Keep of the cow (dairy)

Sometimes coming into contact with gluten can trigger other inflammatory responses in the body (like lactose intolerance). This is due to the way our body absorbs nutrients using the villi in our intestines. Avoid dairy until you have your “glutening” under control.

7. Magnesium

Ancient minerals Magnesium LotionMinerals are leeched from our system when we have an upset stomach. Magnesium is essential to over 1000 processes in the body including detoxification. It can also help with sore muscles, and feel blue. Try soaking in a warm magnesium bath or giving your skin a special treat with a nourishing magnesium body lotion.

8. Stay positive.

Inevitably those gluten demons can leave you feeling a little glum and in my case – super bitchy! It is important to stay chipper and positive while the gluten leaves your system. And ask yourself “is it me or is it the gluten”. 

Getting “glutened” is different for everyone but there are serious health issues that come along with it. I always say avoiding it wherever possible is a must, gluten intolerant and celiac people alike. For me (with gluten intolerance) I feel like I have food poisoning, my skin cracks and weeps, my bones ache, and I gain a good dress size (up to 8cm around my tummy) or two dress sizes in inflammation.  This means my clothes don’t really fit me, I feel fat, glum, itchy, my brain is foggy – generally, I feel downright gross for 2 or 3 days. 

Over to you? What are your tips and tactics for dealing with the deaded glutening? I would love to hear your stories.

what to do when you've been glutened