Your Guide to Naturally Gluten Free Foods [ Infographic ]

So you are new to this gluten free thing… or perhaps you have been doing it for a while, and you are sick of how expensive your food bill is when you buy “gluten-free” processed foods.

It feels like there is a steep learning curve when you first go gluten-free, and sometimes it is easy to move from one food that is making you sick, to much-processed food with more sugar and less fibre.

So I wanted to put together this infographic that you can print out and use to decide what foods are gluten-free. Along with a few hidden places that got me the first few times. 
guide to naturally gluten free foods

Foods to look out for that could secretly contain gluten:

  • Anything crumbed
  • Anything with stuffing
  • Anything marinated in soy sauce, malt or balsamic vinegar.
  • Anything containing wheat, barley, malt or rye a common thickener.
  • Breads, cakes.
  • Flavoured chips and wedges